Who Am I?

About This Blog:

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading this far! Here, you’ll read about my experiences and observations as an expatriate, a traveler, and a human. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a foreign country, I hope I can give you a taste of that. If you’re curious about life as a Westerner living in an Arab country, I hope I can give you some insight as well. I’m an avid traveler, and will use the blog to share my visits to the wonderful places my host country gives me easy access to.

However, while I write about what I see, hear and do in my current country and those I visit, my goal is to explore questions and occurrences everyone can relate to, whether you have lived abroad extensively or never been more than a few hours drive from your home.  I write according to what’s on my mind, so the categories of my posts are quite different.  Some posts are serious ponderings on the rights and wrongs of this world, others are mockeries of things I find ridiculous, and still others are completely self-indulgent topics I chose purely for my own (and hopefully your) amusement.

About Me:

As the title of my blog tells you, I’m currently an expat. I was born and raised in the United States, but have spent most of my post-university life in Ireland and my current home, the United Arab Emirates.  I love to travel. I’ve visited about fifteen countries, and hope to add as many to this number as possible. If you can convince me that a country has good food, interesting sites, and friendly people, I’ll add it to my list.

I consider myself a professional nomad, which means my work changes to accommodate my true passion: living and traveling abroad.  I’ve taught ESOL, managed a yoga studio, worked in a number of horrendous administrative positions, and currently teach English to young children.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but it won’t give me deep roots  When I’m not teaching, I drink a lot of coffee and masala chai, obsess over my current favorite television series, and pretend to learn other languages.

I started writing because I have a bad habit of over-thinking and over-analyzing the actions of myself and others.  This blog is a fun way for me to try to make some sense out of the bizarreness and complexities of life, especially as an outsider in my current world and culture.

I like telling stories, and I thank you for listening.  I hope my blog will make you think, make you wonder, and make you laugh.

Contact Me:

I welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments on my posts.  Please also feel free to contact me at myexpatblog@gmail.com or on Twitter at @OverthinkinExpt.


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